International Business Consulting - Schneider

More than just a classic Business Consulting!
We find punctual solutions to your problem!

More than just a classic Business Consulting!

The company International Business Consulting-Schneider advises and helps
international companies to gain new markets in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and the USA.
A qualified team takes care not only of your advice as a company in various areas, but also helps you with the establishment and development of your company abroad and supports you on site.
In addition, we are an international trading company specializing in the Import-Export of all commercial products worldwide and other services.

Our business languages are German, English and French.
The goals and needs of our customers are our focus.

Your success is our task!


Julie Schneider

About us

A friendly and competent team ensures your success and satisfaction.
Our company has its headquarters in Hanover (Germany), and 2 subsidiary offices in New York (USA) and Yaoundé (Cameroon).
We focus on the needs of our customers.

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Our services

The world today is a vast global village that offers many business opportunities for companies regardless of their fields of activity. In this perspective, IBC-Schneider supports international companies in recognizing the economic patterns of globalization and opening themselves to the world by making themselves known in other places. We help companies adapt their concepts, products, approaches and business models to the new global reality. Firms need to take a more diverse approach to identifying and creating growth opportunities. We do offer you these approaches. In addition, we are a point of connection between suppliers and buyers of commercial products and services throughout the world.

IBC-Schneider negotiates for you with renowned brands, your commercial products,construction products, professional tools, etc. All imported products meet current standardsand are of very high quality.

. Assistance with administrative and legal incorporation formalities
. Creation of business plans
. Financing
. Business development support

. Business start-up consulting
. Management consulting
. Marketing consulting
. Business development consulting
. Human resources consulting
. Communication consulting
. Tourism consulting

We offer face-to-face or online seminars on the various topics mentioned above. Our seminars are individually tailored to your needs and are targeted. They take place in our training room or online.

1. Development of new markets
2. International Business Services
. Research of business partners
. On-site business presence
. Sales Support Office.
. technology transfer
. business partnerships
. Import/Export
. Licensing
. subsidiaries
. joint venture
. foreign trade promotion

And many more…

– Import-export of food
– Import-Export of all goods
– Import-export of raw materials
– Connexion between suppliers and buyers

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A friendly and competent team ensures your success and satisfaction.

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